Autumn Borts Artist's Statement: Developing a unique style has been challenging for Santa Clara potter Autumn Borts. As a child Borts was surrounded by the pottery making of her mother Linda Cain and grandmother Mary Cain. Her first pieces were small pots and animal figurines. Gradually, as she matured, so did her shapes and imagery.

Borts greatest influence has been that of her natural surroundings. It is not uncommon to find hummingbirds, dragonflies, and flowers captured in frozen moments like a photograph carved intricately on to her pots. Borts says, "Inspiration can come from anywhere. Walking my dogs near my home may lead to new thoughts of unused imagery generated from the beautiful northern New Mexico landscapes." Borts recalls having seen an old Georgia Okeeffe poster at a train station and asking the manager if she could have it. This poster now resides in her studio and serves for inspiration for many of the floral designs that are now common on her pots.

Her use of multiple colored slips has also captured the interest of her peers and collectors. A typical red and tan vase may contain up to four or five different colors enabling her to accentuate different aspects of a design.

Over the last three years Borts's collectors have flocked to her shows in hopes of obtaining at least one piece of her outstanding pottery. All this attention is well deserved despite the fact that Borts has yet to receive any major award. Maybe in a soft, quiet way Borts is letting the public be her judge. Or maybe it is a testament of how good her work really is.

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